Friday, 13 August 2010

Money Gift Card Holder

Hi folks.  I just wanted to quickly show you the money gift card holder I made for my sister and my future brother-in-law (we're off out tonight and we are off on holiday to Lake Garda on Sunday so thought I'd better squeeze this in).

The bride and groom are off on a fabulous cruise around the Carribean for their honeymoon so have asked for money instead of presents, so I thought I would make my own money holder.

You can see the beautiful vellum better in the picure above, without the ribbon and also the punched border (this is a Fiskars punch I've had for years and not had much use out of).

You can probably just about see the inside, I've slipped in a little card which was done on the computer with gold font. 

I know what your thinking, she's forgotten the money - don't worry, I'll put that in just before the wedding!

Hope you have a good weekend and week ahead. Visit you when I get back. Bye for now! x


Carole said...

This is gorgeous Sue, so much nicer than just sticking some money into an envelope! I'm sure that the happy couple will be delighted with it!

Have a lovely holiday!

Carole x

Little K Smith said...

Hi Sue
This is such a lovely idea, gorgeous vellum, hope the wedding goes well.
Have a great holiday too!

Jackie said...

Oh wow! This is beautiful and very classy. What a lovely way to give money :o)
Jackie xx

Julie said...

Beautiful Sue, this is so elegant.