Friday, 8 August 2008

I've been very naughty!

I've bought these Rubber Romance stamps and I have another 4 on the way, how naughty is that? It's all down to internet shopping, it's just too easy to drop things into the basket and one press of a button and hey presto! they're yours. I haven't mentioned it to o/h yet, I've got a bit of time before the Credit Card statement comes. He'll be glad when the six week holiday is over and I'm back to work where I can't spend. Better go and have a play with them!


katy said...

Lol,another 4? I understand dont worry,have these and love them,look forward to seeing what you create xx

Tara said...

You're very naughty, but they're very nice! xx

Sonia said...

Oh you bad bad girl, tut tut!!
Enjoy thats what i say :)
Sonia x