Monday, 16 April 2012

New beginnings

Hi folks. Long time no post.  I made a big boob and deleted my blog for a while - thankfully blogger gives you 90 days to re-instate it if you change your mind.  As many of you will identify with, a blog takes a lot of work and time to keep up and running - to add entries and respond to lovely comments from friends and followers and that's the reason I felt I couldn't keep up with it as well as making cards and other crafting project and so I took the decision to remove my blog altogether - no temptation to dip in and out if it's deleted.  

The only problem was that I lost all interest in my crafts after I pressed the delete button.  My mojo just went walk about.  I realised my blog was my inspiration and I really missed the crafting community we are all part of and the regular comments from people who have been with me right from the beginning - you know who you are, and those whi have joined me on the way, so hence the title of this post 'New Beginnings'.  I'm really looking forward to getting my mojo back and getting back into the crafting community.  So folks, think twice before hitting that delete button and I hope you will continue to drop by occasionally.



Suze Bain said...

Welcome back :o) hope you're mojo's back too! xx

Sarah said...

Good to see you back Sue! I look forward to seeing your new creations. Hope Mr Mojo returns very soon.
Sarah xx :0)

Linny said...

You have been missed. I am so glad you changed your mind. Linda x

Jackie said...

Good to see you back Sue, you were missed :o)
Jackie xx